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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

how do i fix my R9 370 crash problem

when I play my games such as WOW, Final Fantasy 14, Farm Simulator 19, and Subnautica, at random points of gameplay time my screen will turn to one of these colours:

-Black with dark grey stripes (up and down)

-Green with Lime Green stripes (left and right)

-Black with green stripes (Up and Down)

Also, I get a very loud buzzing sound through my speakers,

I Have an ASUS G11 Pre-Built Tower about three years old, the only things I have changed is the power supply and I switched to an AMD R9 370 graphics Card (trouble-free for a year) because my Nvidia Card had these identical problems. Currently running Windows 10, my video and audio is connected via a HDMI cable to a Sony BluRay surround sound than into a projector unit.

When this problem occurs my entire computer is non-responsive and i have to force shut down Via holding the power button on the tower which takes about 12 seconds.

I checked the event manager and the only errors are from the unexpected shut down

Running a troubleshooter finds no problems,

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