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Journeyman III

High GPU usage in games.


I need help. When I play games on my Late 2015 5k iMac I reach around 99% GPU usage on low graphic's settings. This never happened before, but randomly a few weeks ago it started doing this. I didn't install any updates, nothing. I was wondering if this is a known issue or something I'm only experiencing. I am running a Windows Bootcamp partition but the same happens on the MacOSX side.

My computer specs:

GPU: AMD RADEON R9 M390 (2048 mb) (GDDR5)

CPU: i7 6700k 4.00GHz

Ram: 24 GB of DDR3

OS: Windows 10 (64 Bit)

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Re: High GPU usage in games.

Boot Camp Windows drivers and OSX drivers (even when attained from AMD site, they are only hosted here convenience) on AMD products are directly supported by APPLE. Official Apple Support

Now that being said I have not seen anyone with this issue. I am sure if someone comes along that does they will reply.

Just want to make sure you are asking for support from the only official place you can get it. Unfortunately they don't support the boot camp side well as frankly they don't care about Windows. They should at least be able to address the in OSX issue.

I should ad these forums are USER TO USER SUPPORT NOT AMD TO USER. To report an issue to AMD your can submit a bug report here: AMD Issue Reporting Form