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Journeyman III

Hi i need some help about my laptop and my egpu

Hi i need some help i have this problem on my laptop and my egpu, i installed a desktop gpu using a docking station and it work i saw it on device manager that my RX 570 is on the list, but the problem is on my games its not using the RX 570, instead it use the intel hd graphics, i do some tweak on the power plan and put it to high, still did not work on my problem, and try another tweak on power option, and i search for the switchable dynamic graphics on the control panel, power option, but i see nothing about AMD, i really need some help BTW i have a core i5-5th gen, 12gb ram, 240gb ssd, 1Tb hdd amd radeon r5 series built in gpu on my laptop, and i have an asrock phantom gaming rx 570 desktop gpu

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