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Journeyman III

Hello and odd situation . . . .

Hi there.  I have an odd situation with a Radeon HD7800 card/system (or at least I believe it is a problem of the graphics system) in that I get staticky (sp??) horizontal lines appearing across the screen.  Now, reading a bit a couple weeks back, I came across a suggestion of turning GPU scaling 'OFF'.  So I did.  But then several days later the lines appeared.  So with absolutely no reason why, I turned GPU scaling back 'ON' again and lines disappeared.

Ive been having this same issue and resolving back/froth ON/OFF with GPU scaling since.  Both setting work for a time in eliminating the lines.

For the life of me, I can't understand why the setting one way or the other would do that. And over and above that, just what is going on with this?

Any help at this point much appreciated. thanks in advance  . . . . 

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