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Journeyman III

HDMI not working

I just built my new pc and after finishing it i plugged it in and everything turned on. I went to turn on my monitor and pc wouldn’t connect to the monitor. I tried two different monitor and plugged the hdmi into my motherboard and graphics card and it still didn’t work. I don’t know why my pc wont connect to my monitor. 

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Adept I

What's the specs? I only ask because I do know some lower end Ryzen mobos (b350s mostly) have to be flashed to the new bios before a newer gen CPU would work. 

Other thought, did you get approved Ram? 

When I started using amd's I had to learn all this stuff the hard way. Intel might be easier. Personally I find once you get the amd drivers and stuff locked in they are amazing rigs, for the most part. Lol... I'm having troubles with an Rx 6500xt right now.