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Journeyman III

HDCP Causing Lag, But Can't Be Disabled

Getting Lag On Integrated Graphics (R9-5900HX)
As Far As I Can Tell This Is An Issue With HDCP (Feel Free To Prove Me Wrong Tho) 

When I Boot Its Fine, But Gets Progressively More Laggy (around 15-30 mins) Until its Unusable 
video of lag:

Other People reporting the same issue said they fixed it by disabling HDCP, but all of the fix tutorials are out of date and don't work anymore.

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Journeyman III

I'm having the same problem with an older HD8330 (integrated with an A4-5000)  "All in One" system.

As soon any ANY driver is installed, the mouse will stutter every 2 seconds! This includes the latest AMD driver as of today: v21.10.03.01

The stuttering does not occur in safe-mode or once the AMD driver is uninstalled.

From the reading I've done, this was fixed by disabling HDCP but the option no longer shows in the driver settings anywhere.

If there is a way to disable it in the Windows Registry, that would be ideal.