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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

HD6450 Windows 10 Dell Optiplex 980 No Video after OS loads

I own an off-lease WIndows 10 i7 Dell Optiplex 980.  I just bought a new Samsung 32 inch monitor which only has a display port and a HDMI input.  Mu pc only had DisplayPort and DVI.  I did not have  a DisplayPort cable so I opted to simply update the video card which has worked well in the past. 

So, I installed a new msi HD6450 card . I removed the Dell pci card which worked using a DisplayPort to DVI cable first.  When I booted up using the new card and the new Samsung monitor, once Windows loaded the screen looked funny.  I could not read anything so I rebooted using a simple power button push not a hard reboot.  On reboot I see the Windows flag clearly and then all I see is a black screen. It is sending a signal but not anything I can see.  Out of desperation, and after several reboots, I put the old card back in. This results in the same output. 

I cannot remote into this computer as I have not turned on remote desktop connections.

I cannot get into safe mode because its too fast and that apparently is not an easy thing to do.  I don't have my Windows 10 disk because it is a refurbished pc . 

I have tried to revert back to my old monitor but this fails too.

Any ideas?  Is my only option to create a Windows 10 boot disk to get into safe mode.

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