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Journeyman III

hd 6450

I obviously have an old graphics card. I bought this Acer in 2012 so, it is quite old. But, has held up magnificently. I can not afford to buy new one. I am wondering what my memory settings should be. Today I can not get a TV video to load and started looking for info and came across the memory setting. I have NO idea what they should be.

I know there are no updates for this driver any more and am trying to get a bit of a boost if possible. Can you look at my settings and see if anything could be changed?

I am old and had a stroke so please don't expect me to know much anymore

Thanks for any input!


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Re: hd 6450

The only memory settings you can adjust on a video card are clock speed and voltage, and neither should be adjusted unless you know exactly what you're doing. On a card such as yours, no amount of memory tweaking will result in a noticeable performance improvement.