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Journeyman III

Greenscreen and windows does not boot anymore after install driver for the radeon x570xt

Hello everybody

I put together a brand new PC.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900x
BOARD: Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master
GPU: AMD Radeon x570xt

RAM: Vengeance RGB PRO (2x 32 GB, DDR4-3200)
Windows: W10 Pro 2004 May Update clean install
Power: 750W power supply unit
Bios Up-to-date

The setup works great with the Windows driver.
Once I install the driver for the Radeon X570XT, everything seems to be OK.
In the task manager the GPU will be detected.
But as soon as I click Restart at the end of the setup, the screen is green.
After the reboot the screen is green and the Windows repair menu appears. Windows does not start anymore. I can reproduce this as often as I want.  After the graphics driver is installed and restarted, GreenScreen and Windows does not start anymore.
Tried the 2 newest drivers for the graphics card.

I'm desperate, any ideas?