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Journeyman III

Graphics issues with R5 and R8 M445DX


Originally I installed Photoshop (PS) but had a problem because I could not see the top menu bar. A solution was to update the graphics drivers on my pavilion which I did through the Radeon website. However, while this fixed the problem with PS, it caused other problems. I could not adjust the screen brightness which was at maximum, a fan was running almost all of the time, and in Device Manager, it said Windows had turned off my drivers because there was a problem (error code 43).

In my attempts to fix this I updated windows 10 from version 1903 to 1909 and now I think I should not have done this because on the HP website my device is not listed as being tested for version 1909 so HP may not support this version. I have also done several updates through the HP website and the HP Support Assistant on my notebook.

After a couple of weeks, I finally managed to reinstall the original drivers (I think) and while I am able to adjust the screen brightness and the fan isn’t running constantly the Device Manager shows the two drivers have a yellow asterix besides each driver and while Device Manager says they are working correctly, when I right click on desktop and then click the Radeon software, there is an error message saying ‘no AMD driver installed or AMD drivers not working correctly’.

So, my drivers have a problem and in PS I still cannot see the top menu bar and some of the panels don’t align correctly.

Please help me to fix my drivers so they are working correctly and hopefully addresses my PS issue.

Thank you.

HP Pavilion notebook 15-AW008AX

AMD A10-9600P RADEON R5, 10 COMPUTE CORES 4C+6G 2.40 GHz

64 bit OS 

Win version 1909

BIOS version F.32



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Journeyman III

Re: Graphics issues with R5 and R8 M445DX

Hmmm. The lack of replies / solutions suggest this might be a difficult problem to fix. I did an update which caused an error code 43 on both radeon graphic drivers. They were both stopped by windows because there was a problem with them. The screen brightness was fixed at maximum and a fan was constantly on.


However, when using Photoshop the top menu appears. I have reverted back to the R5 and R8 drivers, so back tyo square one.

I have noticed similar problems in other posts but I'm not sure if I should try those solutionsas they seem to describe different symptoms.

Anybody have any solutions?

Thank you.