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Journeyman III

Graphic card stopped working(r9 270x), artefacts, something wrong on PCB.

I bought r 9 270x from my friend, so it's from second hand and i doesn't have guarantee. It was working fine until today. I mean, it was working withouth artefacts, but for the last week computer sometimes turned off. Im not playing for a big amount, so if something could be happening on the PCB, i could not seen it, because my playing time was for about 1 hour max. My brother started playing fallout 4 today, and he said, that the computer turned off right after the intro, it doesn't even started to display game graphics. But, it doesn't matter. Then question is: Does this card have ability to repairing it? It got something green on the PCB, and i have no idea, what this could be.

I am adding the photo of that green thing.

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