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Adept I

Graphic card crash causes pixelation - RX 5600 XT

For a while I've had an issue where my graphics card will crash, depending on the game or activity I will either have the screen go black and crash, some strange frozen pixels on a frozen screen, a full computer crash which is very rare, or the game will keep working but some clear pixels distortion will appear.

Any suggestion or troubleshooting guides to follow would be appreciated. I'm not sure if it's based on game intensity. Something like Death loop or Tabletop Simulator will cause it to occur within a few hours. Other games like Darktide or other higher graphical games I can often go without any issue what so ever or every blue moon.

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Adept I

Finding largely no support for this over several attempts in several places, turns out the answer is to just buy an Nvidia card instead.

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Journeyman III

Whenever these happen it causes a strange pixelation normally in patterns, more often than not the main graphically intensive thing will crash or on rare occasions the computer will reboot itself.

Yer sounds the same as me. Sometimes I can see it while playing at which point I normally restart before it crashes. It normally makes any YouTube videos that I had paused in the background get a black screen though they start back up if I make them go to a new timestamp and such.

In the event log it mentions the card being disconnected.

Adept I

Finding largely no support for this over several attempts in several places, turns out the answer is to just buy an Nvidia card instead.


Sounds like broken hardware. Should RMA, but beginner of this thread made his own decision.


If the card was ever used for cryptomining you must flash the bios back for regular gaming. 

If the card has ever had any overclocking software installed or you tried to 'autooverclock or whatever' in the adrenaline software you must not just randomly copy in settings you've seen on other brands or other cards or youtube as they maybe liquid cooled or have configured their bios and other software and OS differently. reset it to the AMD stock defaults or the factory defaults for that specific card, and use AMD cleanup utility and dont enable overclocking. most cards third party brands like asus or asrock or sapphire all come factory overclocked already so you trying to squeeze more out of them tends to give you about 5-8% at best i mean the absolute best case which is about the same as the 10% you get from more tedious liquid cooling and all it does is give you instability and probably halves the lifespan expected from your card. buy one factory OC already and just not need to bother!

NEVER install rivatuna or afterburner or other DOS garbage only use AMD adrenaline.

If it looks pixellated if its video playback or games if you have an 8k video being pulldown squashed to fit and playback on a 1080p or 720p monitor it sometimes uses a type of downsizing that may cause it to look very blocky. Unless you mean frozen pixels, go to your AMD display driver and click reset to factory defaults under system settings cog in the top right corner of adrenaline software. Did you correctly install the AMD adrenaline software when the installer completes and it copies the files ENSURE there was never any error number code or error code like ERROR:1609 or whatever on the page you click finish. Be certain you are running the latest windows OS and are using the minimum security requirements for it such as hardware DEP enabled all software. Core isolation and memory integrity on. Lower your resolution and do not use graphics mods or reshades and third party overlays, adrenaline overlay or possibly steam are all you need. If you have screen capture software its maybe old windows 98 garbage code and not modern windows 11 directx 12 or vulkan code or you are using the wrong video player or "VIDEO RENDERER" or have an issue with CODECS and supported formats. Use standard refresh rates like 60hz and standard audio sampling rates like 44.1khz or 48 and see if its still an issue. use a single monitor directly connected no converters or adaptors. no OBS or other screen capture stuff. 

Try reset the shader cache at the bottom under global graphics advanced while in windows or in a game in adrenaline. you also might have hardware acceleration disabled what retard buys an expensive graphics accelerator puts it in their computer to leave it switched off because criminal retards want you to let them borrow all your computers computational power to hack passwords for them or be a zombie bot or crypto mine off you.