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GPU Vram displayed incorrectly in task manager

Hello i have a dual graphics of a Radeon R5 512MB and a Radeon R7 M340 2GB, but in the task manager the R7 is displayed as a 512MB (it should be 2GB) just like the R5, why is this? 


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Can you post the exact Make & Model of your Laptop?  Including the Make & Model of the  AMD APU and Windows version installed?

While you are doing all that, Check Device Manager and see if there are any error messages or Yellow Exclamation marks.

Does your Laptop Support site have a fairly new VGA Driver for your Integrated APU?  It is best to use the Laptop's Support drivers first. If everything looks good, then install the latest AMD Driver from AMD Download page. But you must download the AMD APU Processor driver and not the Discrete driver by itself. The APU Driver will automatically install both the Integrated and Discrete Graphics drivers in your laptop.

Also make sure you have the latest Laptop BIOS/UEFI and CHIPSET versions installed.

You can download your R5 APU driver from here once you know the model of processor you have installed from here: 


And if you web search your topic title, you'll find MS Dev. topics that may help to understand the Task Manager read out.

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