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Journeyman III

GPU Usage low

I have been playing with my pc for a few weeks now, everything was working great and now my gpu usage is low and cpu usage high. I would get 99% gpu usage and around 13% cpu usage while gaming even on low settings. I wanted higher and stable framerate. Now since my internet took a dump last night with the outage I get 50-60% gpu usage with low settings and now my cpu usage is always around 50% while running the adrenaline metrics overlay. When I open task manager I see the 50% but can't make out whats causing it as it quickly drops down to about 3-13%. I have updated all drivers, made sure my bios was up to date, updated windows. Haven't downloaded anything new and the only thing was the internet outage or surge that happened. 

Ryzen 5 3600 with stock cooler

AMD 5500XT xfx thic 2

16gb corsair 3000mhz 

500gb samsung ssd

evga 650w psu

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