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Journeyman III

GPU Spike and "blue screen" after 10 min in game.


I have GPU spike problem here and I need a solution because nothing what I found helps. Right now Discord, Steam and CS:GO is turned on. Computer is 1 year old and for first time in my life I see something like this. When I turn the game on after 10 min I get "blue screen" and system is shutting down.

Waiting for response.

Thank you

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Journeyman III

Re: GPU Spike and "blue screen" after 10 min in game.

Hi I have similar issues you need to go into ATI Radeon Control Panel - Select Gaming Tab then Select the game with problem then click 'Tune Game Performance' and make sure Advanced fan control is enabled, Zero RPM option disabled if shown and also Power Tuning Enabled and set the Power Limit too -10%. (Make sure to save this profile too load on each boot).


This worked for me!

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