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gpu not detected

Before I start: I looked this up on the internet, a lot. Been busy for quite a while now, but I can't get it to work.

Currently I have two computers, one I used for a while and one I put together two days ago.

The "new" one exists out of old parts such as:

i5 3570k

gigabyte GA-H61M-S1 (flashed to 10b)

8gb hyperx running at 1333 now

Corsair CX600 (fully tested and working)

Asus strix r9 380 2gb OC

Clean windows installation

Somehow this setup is not detecting the gpu. Only the d-sub port from the mobo works.

I swapped a 1080 ti in this system, it worked. I swapped the r9 380 in the pc that usually runs the 1080 ti, worked fine. Tested all ports on the r9 card, all worked. I put it back in the i5 pc, doesn't work.

The power is fine, both cards have all the lights light up and fans spinning, and I tested some games in my main pc.

Really frustrating, I have no clue what is wrong and why the r9 card doesn't work with the i5 and h61m-s1

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