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Journeyman III

GPU Fan Controlling Problem

GPU: Radeon HD 7770

OS: Win10 x64

Driver: Adrenalin Edition 18.2.1

So, after a year of not using my desktop computer, because some OS fault damaged the Windows Installation beyond repair, I recently re-installed windows 10. The GPU, after installing the drivers worked fine, but the fan was not spinning. Even during a stress test, in which the GPU reached 90*C, no spinning. This is definitely not the intended cooling behavior.

The drivers where installed using the auto-driver-detect utility. Oddly, my GPU was being detected as an R7 200.

What I tried:

  • Using the Override functionality of the Crimson Settings Panel

I tried manually setting the GPU Fan speed. These are my results:

0% - 75%:      nothing, no spinning

75% - 100%:  fan is spinning at what seems to be the apropriate speed for the setting.

Turning the speed back down, from a running state (75%-100%) keeps the Fan spinning till about 70%, after which the Fan just stops.

  • Using a different PSU: No difference
  • Removed Fan to test with an Arduino:

Fan works with just fine, responses to pwr input (only tried grounding it)

  • Removing the Pwr (blue cable) from the Fan plug

The Fan run at high speed the entire time the system was operational


  • Fan works Ok
  • GPU works Ok, except for the Fan

The speed control of the GPU must be faulty. This could either be a hardware bug, or a software one.

Is my conclusion right? Did I miss something? How can I fix this? Please help!

Thank you.

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