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Journeyman III

Gpu drivers failing

I have a 6700xt micron memory refrence card

As I bought it used from a guy who imported the card in India the card had no warranty.

after a few months the gpu stopped giving display and I got it repaired from a local guy but now he says the gpu a no problem but on my end the gpu stops giving display after a few mins of use and it reboots and  in gpu z it shows as microsoft basic display adapter and I have to reinstall the drivers every time the gpu stops giving display as it switches back to microsoft basic display adapter...

Need a solution please help....

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Accurate specs?

Operating system?


Specs- motherboard steel legend b450


ram- kingston 8x2 2400mhz

gpu- 6700xt amd refrence

os- windows 10 (came back from windows 11 as this problem started so reinstalled 



...aaaand so  you don't have a power supply in  your setup? lol

Specs means list EVERYTHING . power supply is one of if not thee most important part of your build

a power supply can make or break a setup

What is the make/model/age of your power supply?

Are  you running separate cables from your power supply to each power input on your 6700xt?

Is the BIOS up to date on your motherboard?

Is your RAM installed in slots A2/B2? (2nd and 4th slots away from the CPU socket) .. not that that will really cause the issue you are having though if they are installed in the wrong slots

Do you have the latest AM4 chipset drivers installed from

Have your ran the program called DDU? Remove past and present drivers of both AMD and Nvidia that you've ran on this install of Windows .. reboot and THEN install latest GPU drivers from

How are your CPU/GPU temps? Do you have good air flow thru your case to keep your VRM's,RAM and chipset cool?



|5900x w/Noctua NH-D15 2x140mm Fans|x570 Taichi|4x16GB RGB Oloy 3600 CAS16 w/1:1 FCLK|Gigabyte Gaming OC 6800 16GB|HX1200 1200wtt 80 + PLATINUM|Nighthawk Z-RGB Case|8x120mm RGB Fans|Win 11 Pro|

Powersupply brand, model, wattage, age?

Case? Fans?

How many memory sticks do you have?

Which CPU cooler?

How many cables connected to your PSU's VGA ports?

Type cmd in Windows search, right click Command prompt icon and run as administrator

type chkdsk /F and run
type sfc /scannow and run

Win11 has a problem where it updates drivers unwantedly, but if you reinstall Windows 10, this should fix it.

If you want Win11, you need to do a registry fix: 


I have a rm750x psu and connect 18pin and 1 6pin from the same psu cable

and it is just an year old as I got it replaced under rma

and ak400 cpu cooler and artic case fans


"connect 18pin and 1 6pin from the same psu cable"

I assume you mean 1x8pin and 1x6pin from same cable? You should run two independed cables from PSU to GPU for stable power delivery.

Also you should monitor CPU and GPU temperatures.

Did you already to the other things I mentioned?

Adept III


just came to my mind - are you using very old driver ? If so and you have the auto update of drivers set to on in windows - it will give you this basic stripped driver - you can install your driver all day long Microsoft will install this newer basic one - unless you disable this auto update of drivers or you download and install one of the newer ones - WHQL 22.10.2 or something like that. What version of driver are you using ?