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Journeyman III

GPU and VRAM Instability

PC Specs:

EVGA 700W gold certified PSU
MSI Tomohawk B450 MOBO
Ryzen 7 2700x CPU
GSkill Trident DDR4 8GB x2 RGB RAM
Radeon Saphire Pulse 5700XT GPU
4 RGB Fans in Rosewill Fan Hub
Problems Solved Previously:

DOA Power System (replaced corsair with EVGA)

Installed heatsink improperly (replaced vurnt out ryzen 7 3600X with 2700X)

BIOS would not update without 2nd gen CPU installed first

BSOD atikmpag.sys failure; file does not exist on my computer, but I no longer get the error since updating graphics drivers to 20.3.1
The Problem: When running game applications ie. Portal 2, League of Legends, Borderlands 2, and sometimes while watching Netflix my computer will crash leaving everything in the case running but with all peripherals turned off

and the CPU light on in the MOBO. I don't know why the CPU light is on, but its not overheating or overwhelmed with the tasks because CPU usage is uber low. 

I still suspect the GPU despite the CPU light because the audio, video freeze and only when the GPU
usage is spiking due to running a game.

Notably, my VRAM and GPU frequencies are incredibly unstable as they jump from ~400 to ~900MHz and ~600 to 1200MHz every few seconds with no windows open or apps in the background.

Diagnostic Tests Used:

uninstalling, reinstalling 8 different GPU drivers/chipset/processer drivers using DDU
-Led to system corruption on the last run, and had to reset the computer and reinstall windows from scratch with no memory being saved (except bios of course)

reinstalled graphics, chipset, processor drivers with device manager

SFC/scannow in command prompt to check system file integrity

running dxdiag

Checked that I had turned off radeon freesync, vsr, anti lag, etc.

running windows memory diagnostics for checking RAM

PCIE 4 is not supported by MOBO so no need to worry about switching to PCIE3

Swapped Graphics card slot to the secondary one

The frequencies on my gpu and vram jump drastically and I have not found any articles or forum posts about vram instability. I'm really hoping that it isn't a defective card because I'm way past the point of RMA and the card is so powerful I want to keep it. Feeling that it is a driver problem from all the forum posts etc.