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GIGABYTE Radeon RX 590 8G rev 1.0

всем добрый день. карта GIGABYTE Radeon RX 590 8G rev 1.0, проблема случайно оторвал конденсатор (C5175)на плате.

как узнать номинал конденсатора (C5175)?

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Most likely that specific capacitor is used in several RX 400/500 models. Try and find a broken RX GPU Card and cannibalize from the GPU Card.

Otherwise you will need to know what type of capacitor and its rating to be able to find a replacement at a electronic part store.

Please next time you reply translate it into English since this is a English only forum.


For convenience, I can throw off the photo, but how? I don't know yet. perhaps there are wizards and will help me with this problem. Thank you


Take a photo of the damaged Capacitor on the RX 590 and save the image. Then at the top of the Task Bar click on the "CAMERA" icon to upload the image to your reply.


Screenshot 2022-05-06 232130.png

Isn't the RX590 still under Warranty but I just reread your Original Post and you mentioned that YOU accidentally broke the capacitor which will void your Gigabyte Warranty on it.

I would still open a Gigabyte Support Warranty Request and see if they will honor the Warranty on the GPU card.

but most likely once they receive the GPU card they will probably see that the GPU card was damaged due to Customer Error and void the Warranty. 

So it up to you on what to do. Best bet is to find or locate an damaged RX 400/500 GPU card and see if it has that capacitor on it before you purchase the damaged card.

Or take it to a Computer shop that specializes in repairing GPU cards or aks Gigabyte how much they will charge to repair the GPU card.

My opinion to repair the GPU card might cost as much as a new GPU card unless you do it yourself.




How did that electronic part get damaged?

It is hard to see the very small part up close.

Thanks for the images of your RX590 GPU card.

NOTE: Does the GPU card work at all or power up with Video output?


yes, the card works, but 2 minutes, then reboot


590 333.jpg

In my opinion I gave you all the options you have to repair your GPU card.

As far as I aware, AMD will not supply any details about the engineering of your GPU card or provide parts to repair it.

Maybe someone from this forum can help you by sending you a broken GPU card with that electronic part on it or tell you where you can get it fixed in your country.


The problem has not been solved on this site. soldered a ceramic capacitor with a capacity of 0.1mF, everything has been working clearly for 5 days.