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Journeyman III

Getting multiple driver instances on Lenovo AIO

I'm trying to help a friend, who has a 6-month-old Lenovo AIO system, running Windows 10 home 2019 edition, Computer model is 0017K Lenovo Idea Center. It runs OK, but doesn't have the power you would expect, so I had a look at what was running and found multiple incidences of the Radeon graphics process running. I killed them off manually, and that was OK for a bit, but they kept coming back up. I *think* this is down to a new(ish) windows feature "Continuity", which is supposed to reopen processes that were running when the PC was last shut down, and so reopens an old Radeon process at every start, leading to multiples. At least, thats what I've seen in EXTENSIVE Googling. However, I can find no way to shut down Continuity and no way to avoid multiple Radeon processes eating the system's power and leaving nothing for useful work.

So the question is: has anyone else seen this, and has anyone found a solution. Just for completeness, the system is fully updated