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Journeyman III

Geometry dash looks like it's running at 30 fps even though steam counter says 144 - RX 580 4gb

     I've had this problem ever since I've had my computer, which is about a month. When I start geometry dash, my immediate impression is that it's running at about 30 fps. The steam counter tells me that it's running at 144 fps, which is what confuses me. What confuses me even more is that some aspects of the game, like the cube icon and menu screens, when moving look like they're running at the very least at 60 frames per second.

     I've installed the latest graphics drivers, tried turning on and off vsync, tried changing the fps cap in radeon settings, tried running it in windowed mode, tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, tried changing the hz in display settings, nothing works. I'm really tired of how ugly and stuttery the game is, and I'd like it to be fixed.

Desktop system
OS: Windows 10 64 bitDrivers are up to date
Monitor: HP OMEN 25 connected with displayport
CPU: Intel core i5 7400, 4 cores 4 threads

PSU is a 500w standard CyberPowerPC psu

8gb ddr4 2400 ram

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