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Journeyman III

Games stuttering (sometimes the whole pc)in AMD Ryzen 5 3500H

Have bought acer nitro 5 2 years ago with the below attached processor and ram with Nvidia geforce gtx 1650..


Ever since i bought this laptop i was not able to play games without stuttering at all have already checked more solutions like applying thermal paste , have also contacted with nvidia support..have added hp ssd 512 gb..but the stuttering issue seems to be increasing even when i try to play old games i am not able to. so AMD Was the last option to go to.

the temperature is hitting more than 95 degree casually and cpu processor suddenly starts reducing to 7% or 10% Where the pc stutters..this happens in plugged in and sometimes even plugged out..

The general approaches like installing upto date drivers are done...

so anybody help me with this issue?

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