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Journeyman III

Games Crashing with new RX 590

Hi all. I bought The Outer Worlds the other day and was running it fine on my R9 380. I decided I wanted to get some better performance so I bought a brand new MSI RX 590 OC. The game now runs amazingly for about 2 minutes until it crashes. The screen freezes but the audio continues, then after a few seconds the screen goes black and I'm kicked off to desktop. After the game crashes, the Radeon Adrenaline software also breaks and I have to close it through task manager. As well as this I'm occasionally getting the black screen for a few seconds when outside of games, similar to when installing the drivers but for no apparent reason. Spent all yesterday and today googling for answers, have tried the following:

  • Reinstalling drivers
  • Installing optional newer version of drivers
  • Turning off windows fast startup
  • Setting power slider to maximum (+50%) on WattMan
  • Setting power slider to minimum (-50%) on WattMan
  • Setting GPU to always run at max speed and voltage in WattMan (suggested by someone on youtube)
  • Defaulting BIOS settings
  • Plugging PC into different sockets
  • Swapping the PSU power connectors around

and probably a few more things I can't remember. Only data I can get that may link is through the performance overlay, which shows the GPU temp increasing quickly over a minute or so before the game always crashes around 60C. Some forums suggest a power issue but I have a good quality EVGA 500W power supply and never had an issue with a GTX 980 or R9 380.

Any help would be much appreciated, I'm feeling a little short changed.

P.S. Have tried other games - Arma 3 runs fine, PUBG runs mostly fine but has done the crash once or twice at random times. The Outer Worlds seems to be the only game that consistently crashes within 2 minutes.



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Journeyman III

Same here, i dont know what to do...

Journeyman III

Hello people! I have the same problem! 
Many comments regarding video driver crashes.
Alexcarr1113 created the topic 12/03/2019, today 01/31/2020, there was no answer!
P.S.: Wrote in AMD Support, they didn’t help me with anything!
Journeyman III

Having similar problems with both Bioshock infinite and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.    This is a new build and the only other game I have played on it are the Portal games but those ran flawlessly.  

Journeyman III

Same  problem with same GC

Journeyman III

A similar problem is on the RX 590 graphics card. When the overwatch starts, the computer freezes completely. When Heroes 5 starts, the load on the GPU is 100% and it heats up very much.


Hello I had the sâme problem as you. 

To résolve this I put the status 7 wattman at 1485mhz.

The crash seems to appear from 1490mhz and setting the power Snider to the maximum +50℅

Now I can play to call of duty warzone, fortnite...  Without any crashes

Journeyman III

I had the same problem with my rx 590. In World war z and Friday the 13th the game. I tried pushing the power limit up to +50%, increasing the fan RPMs and Lowering the temp target, as well as Undervolting the VRAM from 950mv to 900mv and lowering the Core voltage to 1137mv instead of 1150mv. It's helped for some time. But later the problem appears again. Also, I tried to reinstall drivers with DDU. It's not helped. Then I uninstall last drivers (with AMD Cleanup Utility)  and try 19.2.2 version and now it works well. Also in the last time, I closed MSI afterburner and not use it at all. In amd drivers I not changed anything, only fan speed. Also, I noticed that in each game profile Radeon FreeSync - amd optimized is on but in general profile of the monitor Radeon FreeSync - not supported. So I turn off Radeon FreeSync in each profile. I noticed that only when I install 19.2.2 version. So I don't know helps it or not.