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Journeyman III

Games crashing (RX 5700 XT) and screen glitches

My games crash at least once or twice a day. (Mostly Roblox. Valorant crashes every once in a while) I've downgraded and upgraded and I still have the same problems. Sometimes my screen goes green and crashes, or sometimes the screen gets purple/green/black glitches all over it and my screen might flicker. This mostly happens when I play Roblox, my game just freezes and then I can't click anything and my Roblox goes completely white and it says it crashed and the AMD graphics driver timeout thing pops up. I then can't rejoin the game until I restart my computer because every time I do it's just fully white and crashes again. 

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List your full PC specs .. including the make/model/age of your power supply

How is your air flow thru your case? Have you ever replaced the thermal compound on your GPU? (might help , might not)

Are you running separate power cables to each power input on your GPU?

I used to run the ASRock 5700xt reference design (blower style) and it was a great card .. I had to trade it for my now 6700xt to afford it but really wanted to give it to my daughter .. I was finally able to find a great deal on an MSI 5700xt Mech OC and it's been a great card for her .. the 5700xt still beats out the RTX 3060 in most games

Your issue could be a failing card .. it could be a heat issue .. it could be a power delivery issue

My wife runs an RX 550 2GB .. she was getting crashes and driver timeouts on her setup. I tried a whole bunch of different drivers and tweaking ..checking temps .. messed around with memory speeds .. etc .. to no avail. I replaced her 500wt Thermaltake RGB 80 Plus (White) power supply with a 600wt Segotep 80+ Gold rated PSU and all her GPU issues went away .. 

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