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Journeyman III

Game (Total War) Cannot Find A Graphics Card


I am not sure whether it is allowed to seek help here.

If it is not appropriate, please ignore my request.

A few months ago, I bought a ready-made gaming desktop (linked above), as I know almost nothing about the computer.

Attached are graphics card information for your reference to minimize the need to see the link.

Today, I bought a newly released game: Total War Three Kingdoms and tried to play it.

But, the graphics card recognized by the game was not RX 580 which is specified in the above link.

Let me know if the game is the trouble maker. I will ask them about this issue.

But, I guess this may be related to the software of the graphics card

because my Radeon settings clearly indicate RX 580 is on my computer.

How can I have the game find out RX 580?

I would appreciate if anyone can tell me the solution.

Thank you

2 Replies

Your computer has two GPUs. One is integrated and the other is a GPU Card.

Your Ryzen 5 2400G is called a APU (CPU with Intergrated Graphics). The Vega 11 is the integrated Graphics on your Processor.

The other GPU is the GPU Card RX580 which is a separate GPU card.

Make sure you have your monitor connected to the RX580 and not the Motherboard's video outputs which uses the Vega 11 graphics.

You need to go to Radeon Settings under "Game" and set up the RX580 for the game you are playing as a Game Profile.

Someone who knows how can show you how to make up Game Profiles in Radeon Settings.

Journeyman III

Thank you!

It works!