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Journeyman III

FX 6300-RX 580 Nitro crash issues

Hi, yesterday I bought a RX 580. I knew in advance that I have to change my cpu soon, but I do not expect that things goes wrong liket his. So after a few minuters of play, the games like rdr 2 and pubg just crashed out. The has restart. Well since I thought that maybe there is some temperature issues, I have downloaded the Msi afterburner and kombustor, and start to try things out. While  the gpu and cpu stress test run in pair, I checked the cpu temperature, since the gpu seems like okay. As soon as it reach the 50 celsius it turns off the pc. So I decided to clean out the cooling system, but after that I have the same problem, only it takes a little bit more time to shut down the computer. If anyone can help me, about what should I do ( get a new cpu, new motherboard or more ram or anything), I would be glad. Thanks in advance, Csaba. 

P.S.: Here is my pc system:
-msi 760ga-p43fx motherboard

-FX-6300 cpu (stock)

-RX 580 8GB Nitro

-2x4 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3 Hyper X ram

-Lepa MX F1 600W


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Re: FX 6300-RX 580 Nitro crash issues

run OCCT CPU, GPU, & PSU tests and see if any of those test crashes or duplicates your problem.

While the tests are running keep an eye on Temps and PSU Outputs for any abnormal readings.

Especially the PSU Test. You have a 600 Watt PSU and the RX580 requires a minimum of 500 - 550 Watt PSU.

Your Lepa 600 Watt PSU ( 240 Watts per rail) is actually supplying power of 480 Watts: 

Do you have all the GPU's Power cables connected on the Rx580? I believe it uses 2 GPU power cables (PSU PCIe GPU Cables) a 6 pin and 8 pin PCIe PSU Power connectors.

The Maximum Operating Temperature for your FX6300 is 70.5C.  So if the computer shuts down at 50C either your monitoring software is incorrect, faulty Motherboard or CPU Thermal sensor or a driver or hardware is not 100% compatible.


Re: FX 6300-RX 580 Nitro crash issues

For bulldozer processors, when there is thermal paste connection problem, restart problem may occur. It may be necessary to check this...

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