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Adept II


Hi everyone, I don't know if I'm asking on the right place but worth a shot... Well I have r9 380x with latest drivers, and have installed 3ds max 2018/2019 and tried to play arround with FumeFx, their new version 5 which has gpu viewport display, meanin all sims, and changes will occur inside max's viewport, hence it's gpu powered and they have integrated it with max sdk it;s working... but not for me... maybe it's something on their side, or max, but just wanted to see if anyone has this problem:

-meaning in early versions there was viewport window which shows how's sim going and your tweaking, but in version 5 they have integrated within max own vieport, and since it's gpu accelerated I was just wondering is there any trouble with amd cards (r9 380x to be more precise ) or it's  something related to amd drivers...

and the problem is that viewport is not updating and not showing simulation proces, frame by frame,,,

so if anyone has a potential answer would be nice... again it has gpu debug option but it's just numbers and numbers nothing useful ( at least to me )... so if anyone has similar problem or potential answer how to resolve it, it'll be nice...

my specs are i7 5820k, 32gig ddr4, r9 380x (latest drivers), 3ds max 2018 and 2019 student version...

thnx in advance

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