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Journeyman III

FSR vs RIS problems world of warcrfat

Hi all , ive updated finally to ryzen 5800x3D and already got Rx 6950 Xt Sapphire nitro + pure gaming .

The ryzen improved around 30-40 fps at world of warcraft in a 5120x1440 monitor , i got stable 150+ fps even at oribos with full people ( some times down to 130 but only a few seconds ) .

But now i got a problem with Graphics config , that is really annoying for me :

I had radeon image sharpening configured at 80% in wow, and I noticed that in areas of the map where there is a lot of nature (trees, plants, grass) when I am without moving the image looks very sharp, but when I move those areas they become darker and blurrier. I tried putting FSR at 83% in quality mode and msax2 but if I don't disable Radeon image sharpening the problem persists.

If I deactivate it then the motion blur effect is much less noticeable but it is still noticeable, I have tried removing FSR and leaving the resolution in native 5120*1440 without msax2 and the standard configuration in adrenaline radeon, but the problem persists and also the sharpness is worse .

Mysteriously, the game looks better at FSR than at native resolution, and the only way I've managed to reduce motion blur is by setting FSR (with image sharpening off) to 83% and msax2 . If I put FXXA high, the motion blur practically disappears, but the images look more blurred.

i am doing something wrong in the configuration? is it a game problem? the truth is that motion blur is quite annoying for me and having a 5800x3d and a 6950XT I think I should not have this type of problem

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