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Journeyman III

Frequent crashes with RX560

Since I have had my computer with a rx 560 4gb for a year I often encounter crash problems: the screens suddenly take on a uniform color and nothing moves anymore. Sometimes a more or less random set of pixels fill the screens. I have to turn off the computer so I can restart.

I have a triple screen configuration (3 AOC 1920*1200), a ROG STRIX B350-F motherboard, a MAD RYZEN 1600 Processor, a 600W lepa n600 power supply. The system is Windows 10 64 bits pro.

I updated the Bios of the ASUS motherboard and I also updated the latest AMD driver (19.5.2). Since the AMD update some crashes are recovered by the driver, i. e. the 3 displays turn off for a short while and turn on again without crashing the computer. But this does not prevent that sometimes the crash is total and in this case, when Windows restarts the AMD driver tells me in a popup that the card settings have been reset due to a problem.

The crash occurs in an unpredictable way: whether I am on the Internet (Youtube, Wordpress, etc.), Office (Excel, Access or Word), Google Earth, etc.). I have at least 10 times a day crashes recovered by the driver and at least 3 or 4 times crashes with mandatory restart. Neither the computer nor the graphics card are overloaded when it crashes (no fan noise). The unrecoverable crash never seems to happen when I don't do anything on the computer.

I thought about an overload of the power supply, but 600 watts is consistent with my configuration. I haven't tested any other power supply. The crash also occurs with one or two screens.

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I think there are no damaged parts in your system. You're using 3 different displays and even if your graphics card is on the desktop, it probably doesn't run clock speeds as standard and you receive a driver error. I think you should report all your hardware information and problems to AMD. 
Online Service Request | AMD 

Thank you for the quick answer, I took your advice.