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Adept I

Freesync not working properly over Displayport @ 75Hz

Alright so here's the deal. As soon as i try to run my AOC G2590VXQ at 75Hz with Freesync on connected to displayport to my Asrock RX 570 Phantom Gaming 4GB i end up getting a lot of 1-2 second signal losses and artifacts while gaming or tabbing out. 

As soon as i turn the refresh rate down to 60Hz the issues are gone.

Over HDMI the issues are less apparent, but it still loses signal from time to time, just less often.

My question is: is this a driver issue? Or does this monitor not really support 75Hz and has it been passing QC when it shouldn't in the factory resulting in lacking 75Hz rated performance? I really start to think it's the latter...

60Hz is fine, i still have LFC so it doesn't really matter that 75Hz runs poorly, but if the monitor is rated for 75Hz it should work right? I have been reading about issues with the RX 5700 and 75Hz using Freesync, but is it really the same issue?

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