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Freesync issue in Cyberpunk 2077

I have a 6800 XT, and a C32HG70 Samsung monitor. When I activate Freesync I get some minor flickering every couple of seconds, I suspect the monitor is going in and out of sync whenever those flickers occur. I can see this, because when I go to my monitors FPS tracker, I see my frames go from a stable 90 (my framerate target set with afterburner) to spikes of over 100 periodically. I dont know why this is, other games work absolutely fine with freesync.

What I have already tried:

Different settings in the AMD software
I deactivated Afterburner
I switched from fullscreen to borderless, to windowed in the game.

Other ideas?

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With the MSI Afterburner, do not use or install the adrenaline software, reduce the core clock and core voltage so that the FPS does not rise above 90. Can be checked with FurMark. With Cyberpunk I set the core clock to 1350 instead of 2100 and the core voltage from 1184 to 1100 (RX5700XT) and thus achieve well over 60 FPS. That is enough for my HP w2207h screen with 1680: 1050 at 60Hz, at a higher core clock and voltage the game inevitably crashes at some point. This is due to the graphics machines used by the game.