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Journeyman III

Freesync causing Flickering/Blackscreen on video play back M32u/6700xt

3800x, 6700xt red devil. Full Specs:

Recently purchased a Gigabyte M32U 4k 144hz Freesync premium Pro

When I watch video on Youtube with HDR enabled there is constant flickering and full signal loss(blaack screen).

Initially I was blaming it on 144hz HDR, but I noticed it also occured at 120hz, so I tried turning off Freesync and this solved the problem.

I'm in communication with the vendor, but we're not sure it's a product fault, any help ideas would be appreciated.

This is what i've tried:

  • 3 cables. 2 hdmi, 1 DP (1 Dp and 1 hdmi supplied with monitor)
  • Ferrite rings on cables
  • updating monitor drivers and firmware (last 2)
  • 3 different gpu drivers (the last 3 graphics drivers)
  • 3 motherboard bios
  • 2 chipsets
  • win 11 and 2 versions of win 10
  • 2 power cables
  • upgraded fibre to 300Mb from 70Mb- and router is further away from pc
  • 2 browsers (chrome and firefox)
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Journeyman III

So, no replies. I guess what i'm asking is:

Is it a driver issue (Amd)

Or is it a product issue with the monitor (should I RMA).

Thankyou in advance.


I have a Razer Blade 14 AMD Ryzen 9 6900 HX and I get the same issue. I don't get the issue when I use USB-C connection. Crazy thing is that I also don't get the issue when I use an HDMI to DP cable with active signal processing (powered chip on the cord). This is making me think that the issue is on the monitor. Note, that plugging HDMI to the laptop will use the RTX 3070ti... USBc will use the IGPU.

Adept III

If it's the flickering I get, theres no fixing it with drivers. You will need a new monitor.

I have 2 monitors that are a different brand and flickering on both with freesync. I've spent literal years here and there trying to fix it, but it just comes down to the monitor. Some flicker and some don't