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Journeyman III

Freesync bugging RX 580 8GB

-My Freeync crashes after a few hours playing and the games are as if I had 30fps and very slow. I turn off Freesync and return "almost" to normal but less fluid. To get back to 100% I have to turn it on and restart the PC. And so the saga continues ... My friend has the same problem, both have the RX 580 8GB, different brands and monitors too. We've done everything, updating drives, formatting and many other things ... I use DP 1.2 cable I've also done tests with HDMI cable, but the screen is flashing with HDMI cable. Monitor: Acer kg241q 144hz Motherboard: ASUS A320M-K Processor: R5 1600 RAM: 16GB Hyperx Fury 2400MHZ Graphics: RX 580 8GB ARMOR MK2 OC MSI SSD: 120 Sandisk HD 1TB Seagate Source: Cooler Master 650w semi-modular. Can someone help me out of kindness, I don't know what else to do and I'm not looking for a solution.

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