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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

FreeSync/AdaptiveSync not working on latest Rx6800xt graphics card

freesync not working

As you can see, freesync/adaptivesync is enabled on both my monitor(ASUS VG259QM) and driver settings.

But it is not working , the game is running at 135 FPS while monitor running at a fixed 280Hz refresh rate.

It really bothers me because my previous GPU rtx2080FE worked pretty well with this monitor.

VG259QM has 280Hz refresh rate and its OSD can instantly show the FPS of game when working with rtx2080. And VG259 is on the list of AMD officially supported freesync monitors.

I've tried enhanced-sync and switch freesync setting from 'AMD optimized' to 'On', it just simply didn't work with rx6800xt.

I can tell with my naked eyes that freesync is not working properly. Smiley Sad

I wonder if it is a driver issue. Can it be resolved in the near future?

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