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Journeyman III

FreeSync 2 Flickering

RX 5600 XT video card with the latest drivers.

I just a replaced my 5 year old Freesync 1, 27", 1080p, freesync refresh rate range 45-144Hz monitor with the Dell S3220DGF (it was on sale for $350). This new monitor is a freesync 2 monitor with a range of 48-165Hz. The problem I have is it flickers in games making it unusable.

I did not upload this but it is the same thing I am getting and it can be worse when moving around or in loading screens. S3220DGF freesync flickering - YouTube 

If I turn off freesync the problem with the flickering goes away as illustrated on this HKC monitor that looks oddly like a Dell.

Freesync brightness flicker, help please. - YouTube 

I have looked around and found posts about freesync flickering going back to 2017 (3 years ago) so what is up with that AMD?

Samsung CF791 Flickering Criticism Tested (Vega, Polaris) - YouTube 

I did not have the flicker problem on my old monitor. I did find some posts about people fixing this problem on many different makes and models of monitors by using a 3rd party CRU app which I am not going to do. No one should have to use a 3rd party anything to fix a problem like this. They used the CRU app to change the monitor freesync range to 80-1##Hz. In one of the games I tested (Starcraft 2) my FPS stays above 100 and my monitor reports the same so I am not sure changing the range would work anyway.

Switching between SDR and HDR makes no difference.

If someone knows a way to fix the flicker problem without using some 3rd party tool please let me know.

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