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Journeyman III

Frame Rate problem, 120hz but not 144hz

Hi, i have a Radeon Rx 470 with a Keep Out XGM27C +27" Led FullHD FreeSync 165Hz monitor, both of them supports 144hz. I have conected them by a dvi dual link that supports 144hz but when i change the frame rate on my pc it just let me to change from 60hz to 120hz, not more, i dont know why. I know that if i use a display port i can put the 165hz the monitor has but the rx 470 dont have that port so i decided to use a dvi dual link, but i cant still change the frame rate to 144, please i need help to solve this problema and i dont know why i cant choose that frame rate when the graphic card and my monitor are both available to use it. I send you also this picture for some help. Thanks!!

(sorry for my enlgish i am form Spain)