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Journeyman III

Frame drops in full screen video when elements in videos are displayed, like navigation bar or subtitles (Netflix)

Did this thread ever come to a result?

Frames dropped while streaming Netflix 

The user Cornugon perfectly describe the issue I still have. Did ray_m come to a result?

I am running latest Windows 2004 Build 19041.388 and AMD 20.4.2. But any previous Windows version and AMD driver version have the same issue.

The issue is also happening with other videoplayers (Netflix is just famous, so thats why is mostly is mentioned in first place).

As soon the videoplayer is in fullscreen, the video drop frames, when Overlay/GUI Elements like the navigation bar or subtitles gets dispalyed or vanish.

In fullscreen, the video is only smooth when there are no elements displayed the whole time, or when "something is displayed the whole time".

For example the Netflix Windows 10 App:

The Video is in fullscreen, Navigation bar is displayed whole time and Subtitles start to appear -> not choppy

You display Videoinformations the whole time (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+D) and Subtitles starts -> not choppy

The Netflix App is in window mode and subtitles display -> not choppy

Only when video is in fullscreen and no navigation bar and subtitles appear -> choppy when subtitles appear and disappear

I have uploaded two videos to show. I am showing with MPC-HC, because it shows best when I rapidly display navigation bar with the mouse. The other half of the first video shows the Subtitles issue with Netflix.

On the second video I show how the issue is only in fullscreen mode, but not in window mode.

I have found only one workaround:

Setting compatibility mode of MPC-HC to Windows Vista fix the issue. Setting to Windows 7 or 8 does not. I have no idea why.

Another workaround could be to fake somehow invisible Overlay, like an invisible navigation bar or that the program is whole time in "window" mode (but it's actually fullscreen). Any tip would be great here.

The issue is even on the test video of the Windows 10 video test when you go to Settings -> Apps -> Video -> start the video, set to fullscreen and wait until navigation bar gets vanish -> it shortly will stutter.

I have this issue only on a system with AMD GPU. On my systems with Intel GPU or NVIDIA, it's always fine in fullscreen, no frame drops.


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Journeyman III

Holy crap I finally found someone with the same issue! It's been driving me crazy for a while. Edge chromium and the Netflix app both hit 1080p but start stuttering when the subtitles come on or I move my mouse. I'm on the same Windows and AMD drivers as you, I have an RX 580. So far, the old Edge legacy is the only one that doesn't stutter and can do 1080p. 

Journeyman III

It's also great for me to see, that I am not alone but this issue is really nasty for me, because I bought the system especially as a Media Center.

I created a third video, to specify the issue eben more. Sorry for the low contrast, I want avoid any interruption by capture software.

I am using MPC-HC again, because here I can hardly forcing the issue by pressing rapidly Alt to pop-in the Optionbar (look on the top of video).

But the symptoms in any other videosoftware (like Netflix) and behaviour is exactly the same. In MPC-HC I don't need to wait for a subtitle or when navigation bar slide In- and Out. You can still watch choppy.mp4 for the subtitle behaviour.

  • 0:00-0:18 -> I am normally starting a videofile in fullscreen and start pressing Alt. The video starting frame drops, stuttering. The PC seems so overwhelmed that it is starting to show previous, past frames.
  • 0:18-0:24 -> As soon as I stop pressing Alt and no GUI, Overlay, Subtitle etc. display In-/out -> the video is smooth
  • 0:33-0:45 -> MPC-HC is now in window mode. You see the Desktop and Taskbar. I start smashing Alt and it is absolutely fine. Video stays super smooth.

Now the awkward things start:

  • 0:50-1:19: I start the task-manager and set the option that this window is always in foreground. So I start MPC-HC -> it is in fullscreen, but of course the task-manager is blocking the sight. I start smashin Alt -> and it is smooth
  • 1:30-1:55: I set the MPC-HC exe file with compatibility mode Windows Vista, starting video in fullscreen, smashing Alt -> smooth

I think the last test is interesting, because I have no idea whats the Vista compatibility option does in background related to fullscreen video. Of course I also tried 7 and 8 -> but stuttering. I also tried the other compatibility option like disabling fullscreen optimization -> all the same frame drops -> only Vista compatibility helps

Of course this trick can't be done by Netflix, because it is a Microsoft Store app.

To sumarize again:

Fullscreenvideos frame drops as soon any Overlay/GUI/subtitles will be displayed In and Out. As soon there are ANY GUI elements of videoplayer OR windows desktop, programs displayed, the video stays smooth when other GUI/Overly/Subtitle elements gets displayed.

So to workaround, I need a program, which is invisible, 1x1 pixel and always top layer (like the task-manager), just to keep the Windows GUI in background active.

Is this some energy saving optimization stuff by Windows/AMD?

The issue sounds very familiar to that thread: 

But there are some key differences:

  • All comments are mostly a year old, because it seems it is/was a Bug of 1903 and fixed by a cumulative update
  • only Netflix with subtitles are mentioned, not the GUI, not any other videplayer
  • seems like NVIDIA users was affected

but the symptoms sounds exactly the same. There is even a working solution for Netflix I also tested and can confirm to work:

  1. Tablet mode can be activated by pressing the notifications button on the bottom right. The Tablet Mode button is on the top left of the quick action tiles

  2. To get fullscreen video in tablet mode, right click on the taskbar and go to taskbar settings

  3. Turn on "automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode" setting

  4. Then expand the Netflix video you are playing in the app as such:

So having MPC-HC in Vista mode and Netflix change to tablet mode and slide out taskbar to have a fake fullscreen... this are ridiculous workarounds.

Btw. I have Radeon™ RX Vega M GH graphics. So unfortunately I can't "pull out" the gaphics card to check with integrated Intel GPU, but maybe 0phicleide can do to verify that this issue is produced by AMD?


I have the same problem. VEGA 64, news Drivers 21.5.1, Windows 10 20H2. 

I tried everything to solve this, reinstalled all drivers, reinstalled windows, reinstalled old AMD Drivers.. Could this be a vega 64 specific problem? i saw that loads of other people 2 years ago had the same problem but also with NVIDIA Cards and this was due to an windows 10 update 1903. 

I think this is unrelated to our problem. i have read that it is impossible to use netflix in 4k with vega 64 since DRM, despite it works with the RX 500 cards. Could this be related?

I installed an nvidia card into the pc, no problems, no frame skip. Onboard Intel card, no frameskips, no stutters.

I have this problem only with vega64, netflix in fullscreen, or in edge. prime and disney + works. please, i need a fix for this problem...


I have the same problem, I even tried to reinstall whole PC, did not help.


Running with Ryzen 2700x + Vega 64 Nitro edition

  1. Please fix. Using 6900xt it bothers me this is a problem 

Just uninstall radeon software