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Journeyman III

Fps drops and issues across all platforms

I have have a Ryzen 7 and a AMD Radeon rx 6600 tx. I have been having problems with my pc since I first bought it. I would like to begin from the start and explain to the end. It all started when i got my pc on Christmas. the first game I played was Minecraft (bedrock). I could not use any texture pack above a 32x before my frames would go from a consistent 200-180 to 15-10. I figured that eventually it would fix itself after a while which it did not. the second issue is when i wanted to start playing Valorant and when i would try to launch the game i would run into the issue where it would tell me something about a TMP 2.0 error. My logical solution at the time for this was to downgrade to windows 10 using the Windows 10 media Creation tool. after reinstalling all my programs Valorant deems unplayable as the fps is a constant 5-30 frames. with Mine craft i will go from 300 frames to 8 frames randomly for no apparent reason. before on roblox, i was able to get a consistant 80-300 fps with max graphics. now i run it with 60 fps with medium settings. after all this i upgraded to windows 11 again to see if it fixes anything and the problem remains. we have considered taking back the pc but it is past return date. I need help PLEASE i want to be able to use my pc. please someone help. thank you.

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