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forget warranty amd apparently doesnt have any

title says it all, been getting the run around by amd for my cpu that failed after only 3 months.  they keep asking for the same stuff over and over to which i send what tehy ask for but im in what seems like a never ending circle jerk from "nico".


well i thought it might just be my bad luck but after some research i found it is not my bad luck but a common occurance.  forums littered with amd giving people the run around on warranties, and a good majority of those products needing rma died in teh first 6 months or less .


i also want to point out BBB had 6 ( now 7) complaints, that amd didnt even respond to.  i read the first one and it was a person similar position with his cpu with amd circle jerking him.   (BBB rating for amd inc is an F by the way a they NEVER respond).


anyway, i hope you are seeing this post prior to purchasing an amd product which i would advise you dont but instead buy intel cpu's and nvidia GPU's they will last and at least you can get your warranty should you need it with intel and nvidia (i have never required an rma on an intel cpu and have some old P1 to P3 systems still working to this day).  if you have already bought amd then you have my condolencses because like me you got F'ed and are goign to have to fight for what amd promised.  im sharing this in both cpu and gpu sections as well as online forums, and social media.  people need to be warned about this shady practice on teh part of amd.

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in your research on AMD Warranty complaints were they all within a certain time span like within 6 months or less or scattered throughout the last year or two?