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Journeyman III

Following the failure of my AMD Radeon R5 235 Card.

Following the failure of my AMD Radeon R5 235 Card, and being unable to get a new replacement, I fitted an ASUS GeForce GT 1030. As part of the Installation process I uninstalled the AMD Catalyst Control Centre which in turn uninstalled the drivers for the AMD Radeon R5 235 Card and I installed the GEFORCE GT 1030 Card. My problem now is that my onboard graphics is via AMD AB-5500 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 7560D chipset and I remember seeing it in the Device Manager alongside the Radeon R5 235 but I can not see it any more so have I lost the drivers or what ? Help much appreciated. The GEFORCE GT 1030 is working. My PC is a HP Pavilion 500-242ea running Windows10

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When you removed the AMD Driver for the R5 235 GPU card you also removed the AMD Driver for your AMD Processor's Integrated Graphics.

Your APU is on considered to be legacy and not supported with any more AMD Driver updates. You have a choice of two AMD Drivers to install from here: 

2015 (WHQL) and 2016 (BETA).

But not sure if you can have a AMD and Nvidia Driver software installed on the same computer. Make sure you make a Restore point before installing the APU AMD Driver again.

Try reinstalling the AMD driver only via Device Manager rather than trying to install the entire AMD Driver package.

Under Device Manager - Display see if you see your Integrated Graphics HD7560D is showing or it has an error message or Yellow exclamation mark. 

Click on "Scan for Hardware"  in Device Manager and see if it installs the AMD driver.

Otherwise, download the AMD driver package from above link and unpack it using 7zip and then direct Device Manager to folder C:\AMD and let it locate and install the HD 7560D driver from the AMD folder under Update Driver.

If all that fails then run the AMD Package and see if it installs without affecting the Nvidia GPU card or AMD APU.