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Journeyman III

Firepro w8100 fan control?

Seen a few older posts asking about firepro fan speed control and wondered if this has happened yet?

While I understand that for most people, noise is an issue, for us, its not. I've just installed MSI afterburner to set a custom fan speed curve but I'd rather it be done in the driver UI as its just another thing I have to maintain on multiple machines (and another potential point of failure).

When running an average scene with the PC in our workshop, without MSI afterburner running, we're hitting 80 degreesC. This is fine for the GPU but the thing is so big that it's bringing the overall temperature of everything else up quite considerably too. The other day, we were in Pinewood and the AC had stopped working and the scene we were running was asking for quite a lot from the GPU and it just got too hot.

Are other people using other bits of software to control fan speed on these Pro cards or did I miss something? Tried to install overdrive but my machine wouldn't reboot unless in safe mode, managed to get rid of it which fixed it. Not sure if I did something wrong or if not supposed to work with firepro cards..?

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