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Journeyman III

Firepro W5100 Displayport Power Saving Mode

I am running a Dell workstation with Firepro W5100 graphics. Recently upgraded to Windows 10. I tried updating my drivers from the default v15.200.1045.0 but any newer versions cause the display to enter power saving mode. The only way to get a functioning computer back is to boot into safe mode, uninstall the drivers and allow Windows to install the default version mentioned above. 

Note that the problem occurs both when windows update tries to install a newer driver and when I manually try to update with the latest drivers from the AMD website. The power saving mode remains after rebooting multiple times. I need to enter Safe Mode and uninstall the driver to get my screen to show. The monito enters into power saving mode the moment windows tries to install the driver and never recovers (i.e. normally when updating drivers it willl go blank for a few seconds and the back on, but not in this case).

I have cleaned my installation using the DDU utility but it makes no difference.

I have also tried to move the display port cable to a different port but the monitor still does not come on.

Note that Windows does not complain until I manually reset it so it appears that the driver does install correctly...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Dell Precision T5810 with A24 BIOS (latest)

AMD FirePro W5100

Dell P2213 monitor (displayport connection)

Windows 10 Pro Version 1709

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Journeyman III

An update:

If I use teamviewer to control my computer during the update, I can see the driver being updated and the computer working fine. I can restart and login using teamviewer. It's odd, as it appears the drivers are working fine, but the monitor still says no signal and goes into power saving mode. I use teamviewer to revert to the older drivers and suddnely I get picture on my monitor.

It is very odd, I have never had a compatibility issue between a monitor and gpu drivers before!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!