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Journeyman III

Fifa 17 bug and latest drivers issues

My Notebook info: "LENOVO Z51-70"

Icore 7 (5500) 2.4

Ram : 8 gb

Gpu :Amd radeon R9 m375

Hard disk:  1 TB

OS: win 10 64-Bit

I used to play fifa 17 few months ago no lags no problems game was working so well but after awhile i had to re-install  my windows so

I updated my grapgic driver to 18.1 last one thinking that will improve performance now i try to play fifa 17 again on low quality too much lags and thw players got no heads im sure my grapgic driver responsible for this lagg cuz it was working greatly b4,  and i can't remember the version that suits my pc and make fifa work again

Ea support forum recommend me to install version 16 or higher, i wonder should i download all versions and try lol

Appreciate ur help