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Adept I

Fed up with the 5700xt and drivers

Well beyond fedup. Ok I am seeing plenty of 5700 xt issues listed here. Many seem to be the 570 boards but not seeing a ton of 470 information. I got the 5700xt last month and not long after this my pc started having serious issues during boot up. It would make it to the loading screen and either go black and reboot or it would hang at the animated loading icon and require a hard reboot. I replaced the ram, the hard drives, pulled drives and tried tons of configs with no luck. I decided it must be the board so I build a new computer with the 470 board. Low and behold the issue is still here. I have reinstalled windows no less than 10 times the past two days. Tried removing and replacing parts to no avail. The only time it will boot is in safe mode or upon first install of windows 10. I am going to assume this goes beyond a hardware issue and is a major drive issue? The only part I have left contributing to this issue is the 5700 xt.

I also want to add in I found a pretty big but with RGB Fusion 2.0 from gigabyte and the latest driver. If you try to launch the rgb program you get a hard crash with the atikm or what not conflict. This happens every time even on a fresh install and only the motherboard app and the rgb program "only after you install the radeon drivers "