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Adept II

Feature Request: Super X-Fi tech in next RDNA Architecture

Hello people of the community, now that there is a trend of Ray Tracing applied to audio in video games, and with the experience that the company has of True Audio Next technology, I would like you to incorporate a promising technology that rules out the use of Streams Processors to process holographic audio based on DSP.

The new technology, developed by Creative Labs, is Super XFI, It is presented as a new experience of listening to truly three-dimensional sound, on a SoC with DAC builtin and +24 cores support 8 audio channel to 24Bits 96Khz simultaneous (7.1 REAL). the most powerful audio processor for embedded devices (Motherboards, FPGA, etc...)

The advantages that this technology supposes:

- Noise suppressor, dialogue restoration, tonal and broadband noise removal, all in real time.
- More immersive video games.
- Best audio mix in video, film and documentary productions.
- Replacement of the audio integrated in the motherboard.
- Live broadcasts with better audio without latency.
- Better audio quality 24 bits 96Khz in HDMI and Displayport protocols.

With new technologies for immersive audio, It would be great if the next generation of graphic architecture (RDNA 3) incorporates the Creative Labs Super X·FI technology replacing the current True Audio Next.