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Journeyman III

Far cry 4 lighting glitch rx 570

So, I used to have a gtx 660 and I recently bought a r5 1600 and rx 570 and decided to play some far cry 4 just cause it's a game I used to love and couldn't run at maximum on my previous gpu, but now I'm having this traumatizing glitch where the entire terrain becomes black when I cross a certain line on the ground(literal lines on the ground) at specific places. Here's a few examples:
As soon as I walked over a cetain "pixel", everything turns black permanently, so if I walk back the glitch persists. This happens at certain places of the map. And since it started happening after I got the new gpu, I think it's something with the driver or whatever, anyone has any idea? I've tried so many things to fix it but nothing does it, I can't find absolutely anything in the entire internet about this glitch, seems like I'm the first one to ever run into it.

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Adept I

I have similar problem still no one has answered for a month. AMD driver team simply dont care about those glitches, idk why

Journeyman III

Update: I think i have a solution. Currently using AMD Radeon driver v20.1.1

I was playing around with the setting file and i can confirm that at least in ma case, it got ri of the issue. On the system drive (C:\Users\ [username] \Documents\My Games\Far Cry 4\ [username] ) you should have a file called GamerProfile.xml. Open this with notepad, and search for "LightingQuality", which in my case was set to "high" (there's no such option ingame tho). I changed this value to "ultra", "veryhigh" and "medium" to see if the issue goes away, and it does! Thank f*king god lol. For some reason this glitch only happens on "high" setting in my case. Now, i'm not sure if this introduces some other visual glitches, or they have been there the whole time and i'm just more aware of them because i was paying attention to this glitch so much, but here's what i notice:

  • When you aim with a sniper, the object closer than a specific distance become blurry and they have this ugly soft glow everywhere, which is annoying and makes aiming harder. If you aim farther, it's completely fine. Not that big of a big deal imho
  • Sometimes the terrain or the entire game goes too dark or too bright for a second, like if you were looking at something dark and it has to compensate by bringing up the brightness
  • Around sunrise and sunset, before or after the sun is actually visible on the sky, weapons and such start to have an orange highlight, like what you currently have in this glitch, but it's just a highlight, nothing disturbing and it goes away after like 30 seconds
  • I think the shadows are just slightly too dark still, but it's much better than what it used to be

To be sure, i'll insert my entire GamerProfile.xml, just in case you need some other specific setting or something

I hope could help you!


I have the same issue, with an R9 290X. It's the driver that's causing the issue. You have to revert back to 18.3.4 driver or older, because all the never ones cause this glitch on the terrain, and it makes the game literally unplayable in most cases since you can't see anything at times. I just started replaying it again a couple of days ago with the current (19.12.3 or whatever) driver and the issue is still there, though it's less noticeable. I've tried many settings ingame and in AMD Settings but none of them did anything to this, so i had to revert to 18.3.4 to enjoy the game, i even have a backup installer for this driver in case it won't be available anymore in the future, lol. Honestly it's infuriating

Journeyman III

Hello, in both of your pictures here

Imgur: The magic of the Internet 

I notice the grass has a weird grey color similar to my game. Is that normal? I also have a weird probblem where the NPC's hair appears to be shinny and greyed out at certain angle. I suppose it has something to do with the shading/lighting technique. Have you encountered this before?

I've try your "LightingQuality" tweak but honestly it just made the game look uglier with worse shader and lighting quality even if i set it at veryhigh or ultra.