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Journeyman III

Fans not spinning after startup

Hi, recently installed a Sapphire RX580 Special Edition 8GB. Everything seemed normal and the fans ran at start-up and stayed on when under load increasing with temperature, which is fairly standard as far as I know. I noticed that the card can run with Trixx which will allow for custom fan curve to make it stay cooler so naturally I installed this. In the span of an hour the fans don't spin at all under load for some reason after setting the fan curve. Even stranger Trixx says they are spinning yet they don't. Now since I just installed this I panicked and deleted Trixx and rebooted this seemed to solve the issue as the fans ran in start-up and BIOS. However, once it got to sign in for windows the fans stopped and would not run even under load. My theories are something being left over from Trixx which is loading when windows get to sign in. Which I am guessing is hidden somewhere in windows since it only turns off when it loads. Possibly the registry? Which I don't want to fiddle with unless I have to.

Does anyone have any Ideas on how to solve this?

I have got as far as getting the fans to run on a custom curve with MSI Afterburner just to get some measure of cooling. Problem is the fans will only run if Afterburner stays open. My next idea is to remove all drivers related to the card and use windows default drivers to reinstall the relevant AMD drivers for the card which I am hoping will restore the card to normal. If all else fails I will bite the bullet and keep opening Afterburner each time I use the PC.

In case it is relevant here is the system spec:

Ryzen 2600 with stock cooler

MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16Gb 2x8Gb 3000Mhz

Samsung 850 evo 500Gb (Windows/ Application)

Seagate Firecuda SSHD 1TB (Games/ Other)

Cooler Master B600 (Version 1 not 2)

Windows 10 (Weird licence as it was an old OEM that somehow transferred to this Motherboard?)

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