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Adept III
Adept III

Fan speed is stuck at max

Hi there. Since alike one week ago, it randomly started a very strange behaviour. I modified my fan profile to mantain my gpu cool, and those are the options I use:






This mean normally the gpu would stay at 30°C with the fans making it stay at that temp, with a max temp allowed of 70°C and a max of 3700 rpm.

The problem that occurred 1 week ago is that the fan always work at the max set speed, even though the temp is at the set 30°C. What is very strange is: if I force it to stay at 1000 rpm, it still results to be at 30°C, so 1000 rpm and 3700 rpm make no difference at all on the temp side, which is impossible. So I have to manually set at max 1000 rpm the fans to mantain them at a normal speed, otherwise I would have 24/7 a jet engine inside my room. I have just used DDU to uninstall the prevous adrenalin version (which worked ok on that side at the start) and installed the new update, along with the new windows 10 update, but it's still the same.

It seems the fan curve works ok if I put as a min temp more than 40°C, which is strange because in the past even 10 was ok.

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