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Adept I

Eyefinity seems to have problems

For two-thrre weeks I have new build - Ryzen 5 and RX580 from Sapphire. Since same time I have two idenctical displays - both FullHD, both 23,6".

For most of the time Eyefinity works fine. But it is 2nd time it lost the real resolution (still keeping the resolution of the displays, but Windows works only in part of it...

Worst thing is that even disabling and enabling the Eyefinity doesn't work...

When disabled both dispalys has and option to choose FullHD. When it's enabled unfotunately now I have max 20148x1280...

Please fix it, coz I'm sure it's not fault on my side - there is something with drivers.

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Adept I

So I managed to get back to 2160x1920 resolution by checking GPU Scaling in Display Settings in Radeon App. However I've never disabled (or enabled) it.

So why did I lose my resolution?